"Een adviseur moet zich volop kunnen concentreren op de belangen van zijn cliënt."
Carina Geyskens

Accuro in de pers

Star Managers of team benadering

Citywire Selector - 17.05.2018

Financieel uitgever Citywire vroeg Accuro naar onze voorkeur voor beleggingsfondsen met een 'star manager' of een teambenadering. Deze vraag is niet met zwart of wit te beantwoorden. In Citywire Selector Magazine vindt u ons antwoord.

Portret van Accuro op Kanaal Z

Alle Zaken op een Rijtje - 02.02.2018

Voor het beheer van je vermogen en het plannen van je financiële toekomst kan je de hulp van een financieel adviseur inschakelen. Maar dat doen zij nou precies? Vandaag is Alle Zaken Op Een Rijtje bij Accuro en horen wij alles over dit beroep!

Covering all bases through public-private partnerships

Citywire Selector - 26.09.2017

Bart Van de Ven has found a compelling solution to the perennial problem of clients who want a decent stream of investment income without talking on too much risk.

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Expert Investor: Wells Fargo AM launches European IG credit fund

Expert Investor - 22.06.2017

Wells Fargo Asset Management isn’t afraid of a challenge. It has launched a European investment grade credit fund.

The Wells Fargo EUR Investment Grade Credit Fund, a sub-fund of the Wells Fargo Worldwide SICAV, is launching with “over €100m in assets”, the asset manager said.

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'A complete mess': European selectors' UK election reaction

Citywire - 09.06.2017

The UK election outcome has divided international fund selectors, as som believe Brexit will take place regardless and others are preparing for a catclysmic market reaction.

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Selector snapshot: Accuro's Van de Ven names his top HY fund

Citywire selector - 14.02.2017

In an era of low interest rates, high yield funds have grown in popularity. In the latest edition of 'Selector snapshot', one selector reveals his top choice in the asset class.

Selector: Bart van de Ven

Company: Accuro Independent Private Bankers (Belgium

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Vector Navigator - Bart van de Ven's favourite fund

Artikel Expert Investor - 13.01.2017

Vector Navigator is the name of the global equity fund most close to Bart van de Ven’s heart. It’s a long-standing name in the client portfolios of the Belgian wealth manager Accuro.

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Avoid the complexity

Artikel Investment Europe - 13.06.2016

Bart van de Ven, investment adviser at Accuro Independent Private Bankers, describes the firm’s fund selection process. Antwerp based Accuro relies on a team of 12 individuals including nine advisers of which four are directly involved in fund selection like Bart van de Ven.

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Regulation response

Artikel Investment Europe - 05.05.2016

Although implementation of Mifid II has been delayed, the selector community still expects an impact on facets of their job.
Bart van de Ven: “I would plead for a simplification. A harmonized European Fund registration process would be a logical step. This would lead to better information and a wider choice for investors.”

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Fixed income favourites: the managers top selectors are backing

Artikel Citywire Selector - 05.03.2016

Bart van de Ven: “We are in the middle of a regime change and multiple issues pop up at the same time: rising yields and rising defaults. We think 2016 will be another challenging year for fixed income. The unprecedented zero interest rate policies have led to perverse effects since credit was too easily available …

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Absolute return funds cannot deliver what they promise, says Van de Ven - part 2

Artikel Expert Investor - 30.10.2015

In part two of this video interview, Bart van de Ven of Belgian wealth manager Accuro explains why he doesn't like absolute return funds and why he prefers to keep some cash on the sidelines instead.

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"Volatility is not the biggest risk for portfolios" - part 1

Artikel Expert Investor - 30.10.2015

Bart van de Ven of Belgian wealth manager Accuro has slashed his allocation to bonds, he tells EIE's Tjibbe Hoekstra in a video interview. He believes investors should accept higher volatility in their portfolios to be able to attain their investment goals.

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